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This website was made because I could not find a good single source for installing maximum size subwoofers for under the rear seat of my 2013 F150 Supercrew, which had a good collection of information at one spot that was easy to navigate. These directions should be good for the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Ford F150 SuperCrew Trucks.

I will be keeping my OEM Ford SYNC (non-Sony) head unit and factory door speakers. I may replace the factory speakers eventually, but I plan to push them and see what limitations they have.
I am from South Alabama and growing up in the early 90’s I spent a lot of time, money and effort on automobile stereo back then. Now 22 years later I am getting back into this. I currently work and live in the Middle East (Qatar) and my daily drive each way to and from work is 1 hour.
One thing you will notice is all of my items is purchased from the US. Here in Qatar they don’t know what high end audio is. They sell Sony and Pioneer products and nothing is wrong with that brand, I just want some different higher quality brands. I mostly purchased 80% of my items from Amazon and used a shipping service from Aramex called Shop and Ship. I paid almost $800 just in shipping cost, but I have a system that is unique to this region.
3 years ago I purchased and had a local shop install a powered Pioneer 10” amplified sub system. It sounded good for what it was. While I was there I was looking at them install other products in cars and they like to use the 18 gage speaker, 14 gage power wires with a lot of crimps hacking up my FJ Cruiser wiring.

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